Today, Rise Light & Power provides more than 20% of New York City’s generating capacity and is making significant investments to transition to a clean energy future.

From modernizing our facilities to investing in large-scale renewable energy projects, Rise Light & Power is working to light the future.


60 Years of Reliable Service

Rise Light & Power owns the Ravenswood Generating Station, New York City’s largest power generation facility, and the former Werner Generating Station in South Amboy, New Jersey. When the city was hit by storms and hurricanes, Ravenswood was there — continuing to deliver reliable, affordable energy to New York homes and businesses. Today, we are modernizing these facilities in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, retiring outdated equipment and investing in clean energy infrastructure. These investments will help us continue to play a vital role in delivering for our neighbors across the region — as we have done since 1963.

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Building for the Future

New York and New Jersey have a history of building great things – from the George Washington Bridge and Holland Tunnel to the Freedom Tower and the Lincoln Tunnel. Today, New York and New Jersey are building a clean energy future. Rise Light & Power stands ready to light the way. We are investing in large-scale clean energy projects that will create well-paying jobs across our region, cleaner air for our families, and an expanded tax base for our communities.

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Being Good Neighbors

We are proud to have been part of the New York City community since 1963. We love our home and want to see it flourish. That’s why we’re the only major generation operator in the region that’s committed to not developing any new fossil-fired generation. We know that Climate Change and Environmental Injustice are real. For the sake of our home and our neighbors, we’re working to address both.

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