Critical Infrastructure for NYC

Ravenswood Generating Station

For nearly 60 years, Ravenswood Generating, an asset of Rise Light and Power, has been a vital part of New York’s energy system. Located on 28 waterfront acres in Long Island City, Queens, Ravenswood represents more than 20 percent of New York City’s generation capacity.

It played a major role in re-energizing the grid after 2003’s Northeast Blackout. It has continuously delivered safe and reliable service during major weather events, including Hurricane Sandy during which it provided up to 50 percent of New York City’s energy and others, like the recent “Polar Vortex” and “Bomb Cyclone.”

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With 2,050 MW, Ravenswood is the largest generator in New York City, providing over 20% of the City’s local generation capacity.

Ravenswood Generating Station employs over 100 people,
a majority of which are members of UWUA local 1-2.