Our People

Our team’s experience in managing and developing large‐scale energy infrastructure has positioned us to lead New York’s energy transition. 


Abhisek Kumar
Abhisek Kumar Vice President, Finance READ BIO >
Cameron Willard
Cameron Willard Director, Commercial Management READ BIO >
Carol Hayden
Carol Hayden Director, People Operations READ BIO >
Clint Plummer
Clint Plummer Chief Executive Officer READ BIO >
Elizabeth Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin Vice President, Commercial Policy & Origination READ BIO >
Jamil Khan
Jamil Khan Vice President, Asset Management READ BIO >
Jeffrey Dooley
Jeffrey Dooley Senior Project Manager READ BIO >
Jennifer Gold
Jennifer Gold Manager, Information Systems READ BIO >
Jim D'Andrea
Jim D'Andrea General Counsel READ BIO >
John McDermott
John McDermott Vice President, Technical Management READ BIO >
Ken Galarneau
Ken Galarneau Director, Commercial Management READ BIO >
Michael Stockstad
Michael Stockstad Vice President, Asset Management READ BIO >
Natalia Kowal
Natalia Kowal Office Administrator READ BIO >
Richmond Young
Richmond Young Director, Development READ BIO >
Roberta Zwier
Roberta Zwier Vice President, Environmental Management READ BIO >
Sid Nathan
Sid Nathan Vice President, External Affairs READ BIO >
Wil Fisher
Wil Fisher Director, External Affairs READ BIO >