Our People

Our team’s experience in managing and developing large‐scale energy infrastructure has positioned us to lead New York and New Jersey’s energy transition. 


Jim D'Andrea
Jim D'Andrea General Counsel READ BIO >
Wil Fisher
Wil Fisher Manager of External Affairs READ BIO >
Ken Galarneau
Ken Galarneau Director, Commercial Management READ BIO >
Elizabeth Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin Director, Development READ BIO >
Carol Hayden
Carol Hayden Director of Administration READ BIO >
Jamil Khan
Jamil Khan Director, Development READ BIO >
Abhisek Kumar
Abhisek Kumar Vice President of Finance READ BIO >
Sid Nathan
Sid Nathan Vice President, External Affairs READ BIO >
Clint Plummer
Clint Plummer Chief Executive Officer READ BIO >
Sean Riley
Sean Riley Vice President, Asset Management READ BIO >
Peter Toomey
Peter Toomey Vice President, Commercial Management READ BIO >
Cameron Willard
Cameron Willard Commercial Management Associate READ BIO >
Richmond Young
Richmond Young Director of Development READ BIO >
Roberta Zwier
Roberta Zwier Vice President, Environmental Management READ BIO >