Our Business

Rise Light & Power exists to help build a great city, for all people, through a renewal of the power industry that brings cost-effective clean energy, dependable service, and dignified work to New York and, through it, the world. 

We believe energy is essential for life and prosperity. That’s why, as the owner of the largest power plant in New York City, we embrace our responsibility as a catalyst for positive change in our communities and industry.

We are committed to advancing both states’ commitment to 100% renewable energy over the next 30 years. By investing in large-scale clean energy projects, Rise will help power the transition of both states’ electricity to renewable energy. This investment will create ample market opportunity for investment, job creation, and a cleaner, more reliable and resilient electrical grid in New York State and New Jersey.

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Ravenswood Generating Station

For nearly 60 years, Ravenswood Generating has been a vital part of New York’s energy system. Located on 28 waterfront acres in Long Island City, Queens, Ravenswood represents more than 20 percent of New York City’s generation capacity.

• With 2,050 MW, Ravenswood is the largest generator in New York City, providing over 20 percent of the City’s local generation capacity.

• LS Power has committed to a clean energy future – investing more than $160 million to modernize Ravenswood’s facilities and infrastructure. Read more about our vision for a Renewable Ravenswood.

• Leaders have retired more than 300MW of outdated gas peakers to make space for new clean energy infrastructure

• Ravenswood Generating Station employs more than 100 people, a majority of which are members of UWUA local 1-2.

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Rise recently received key approvals for a large-scale Battery Energy Storage project, to be located on the former site of the decommissioned peaking facilities. The project is designed to support regional growth in renewables over the next decade. More updates will follow.


Rise Light & Power acquired the site of the former E.H. Werner Power Station in South Amboy, NJ, to transform an abandoned coal plant into a renewable energy hub. The project will serve as a central interconnection point for offshore wind farms to send clean energy to the electric grid, without burying high-voltage cables under New Jersey beaches. With Rise’s ongoing remediation efforts, the project will also lead to elimination of a once-contaminated brownfield site dating back to the 1930s.

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